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Vocal Trance Odyssey - 28/12/02

December 2002

A deeper and more melodic journey into Trance music. It was winter, darker than dark nights, cold frost that made the leafless trees creak in the north-easterly wind, with the counter-point of a warm wood fire crackling in the hearth and the same freezing wind blowing across the chimney top and soughing round the eaves. A time of red noses, cold ears, and warm breath hanging on the air, with the fallen glamour of Autumn leaves shredding slowly on the forest floor. This is a more melodic mix, one that hopefully for the listener will hold a promise of warmer times to come, but yet of comfort by the hearth against the chills of winter. Altogether, this is a softer, more melodic vocal Trance album, and usually a favorite for those who so prefer that type of Trance.

Vocal Trance Odyssey CD1

1 Andain Summer calling
2 Solar Stone Speak in sympathy
3 Oxygen Are you on my mind
4 Catch Brighter day
5 Jupiter Prime Secrets of life
6 En Motion Truth
7 Cascade Transcend
8 Oceanlab Beautiful inside
9 Lange Don’t think it feel it
10 Milk Inc Walk on water
11 Praying Mantis Silence of being lonely
12 Catch Keep on singing.

Vocal Trance Odyssey CD2

1 Traveller in Motion Belive
2 Jan Johnston Am I on pause
3 Dj Astrid The spell
4 Orion Too So shy
5 Mystral Falling star
6 Katoi Touch you
7 Green Court Silent heart
8 The Oh Eternity
9 Nylon If you love me
10 Dj Session One Dreams in my fantasy
11 Dj Encore I see right through you
12 D Note Shed my skin.


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