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DJ's and Producers

It is a strange thing but it would seem you have to be a producer within the trance music industry to become successful as a DJ, before many if not all of the promoters take any interest in you unless you do. That’s rather like Michael Schumacher not being able to drive Formula One cars because he doesn’t design and build them! So it goes with out saying that the following have at some time made some big tunes….

Tijs Verwest – Dj Tiesto

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Tiesto, I first became aware of him through his remix of Delerium’s track “Silence”.
Renowned now by many as the worlds No 1 DJ, his road to success was not always an easy one: first of which was not getting recognised in his home land but Finland. Through perseverance and determination he finally succeeded.
I personally enjoy listening to his mix albums for both the content and his smooth mixing style as he blends one track easily into the next. His trance productions I also like as they too have the same smoothness and melodic construction, and they are available on his own Black Hole Label

Ferry Corsten - “King of the synths”

Where would trance music be today without Ferry Corsten’s productions leading the way through the late 90’s to date? As a music production engineer I sincerely believe he is second to none with his own unique style of synth, string and percussion sounds.

Armin Van Buuren

Starting off showing so much promise with the 12” “Blue Fear” back in 1997 although it wasn’t his first track. Later I received a 12” copy of Dido/Willow Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion Mix and was overwhelmed by the almost ghostly build up to the track. I had the same reaction to Prooemium, proving this guy has more to offer and is improving all the time.
Armin’s amazing remix of Yahel Devotion still blows me away every time I hear it.

Darren Tate

With Darren being a trained musician it comes as no surprise that I can say that I have ever heard a bad production of his. Operating under numerous disguises, Darren has produced some of my all time favourite tunes, one being Orion – See Me Here.

Steve Helstrip - Thrillseekers

From his first hit Synaesthesia to date, Steve has produced some of the finest trance music, “Dreaming of you” being one of them. Often operating with a smooth melodic style to his music, Steve has also done some excellent remixes such as Ascension – Someone and Aurora Hear you calling – En-Motion Remix, with En-Motion being one of his many aliases.

Stuart Langelaar – Lange

His first major hit, a brilliant remix of Dj Sakin’s “Protect your mind”, has produced some massive club tracks. Often working behind the scenes as he also re-mixed Lost Witness, Happiness, and Happening amongst many others. His own releases “I Believe” and “Follow me” were just a taster of what was to come from Lange. Later, the massive “Drifting Away” hit was engulfing the dance floors everywhere, followed by “Don’t think it, feel it”. Some of the other aliases used by Stuart are SuReal, X-Odus, LNG and Firewall.

Andy Perring – Pulsar

Back in 99 the dance floors were burning to the sound of “Spiritualised” by the Olmec Heads, and later another massive tune “Cloud Walking” under his new disguise, Pulsar. It’s not surprising that so many tracks are put to this guy for his almost magical re-mixing talents.

Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness & Paavo

Above and beyond their first offering “Far from in love” set the stage for many great productions from this collaboration. Not only that, but also their remixes of some of the big names such as Delerium etc made the Trance headlines. I would always pay attention to any tracks that had an Above and Beyond remix.
Other names used are Tranquility Base and Dirt Devils.
Teaming up with the amazing vocalist Justine Suissa they created “Ocean Lab”, and with Justine’s beautiful voice, the releases “Clear blue water” and “Sky falls down” emerged.

Sloarstone – (Andy Bury and Rich Mowatt colaberation)

Solarcoaster and 3rd Earth with Scott Bond essential music, a must for your trance collection!


biography : DJ's & Producers : mixology : studio : top 25