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The Angels Calling - 06/05/03

May 2003

Late Spring, with summer just around the corner. Had a year really passed by since I mixed “Angels of Trance”? I was just about to start construction on my studio, and that meant that for a while I would not be able to create any more compilations for a while. Listening to my raw material, and also with a certain temporary sadness, it occurred to me that the voices had a heavenly quality, so that the title came to my mind almost of its own volition: truly the Angels were calling!

The Angels Calling - CD1

1 Loveclub The Journey
2 Kota Waiting
3 Nordlitch Within each of us
4 La Luna Falling
5 Hydra Affinity
6 Euphonic Sleepwalker
7 Vivian Green Emotional
8 Angel One Hold me tonight
9 Erica Baxter Dreams
10 Alibi Eternity
11 Accadia Blind visions
12 Dj Ducka & Dj Mellow Frozen dreams

The Angels Calling - CD2

1 Darren Tate Destination
2 Darren Tate Fall from grace
3 Dj Steve L All by myself
4 Euphonic Far and away
5 Jan Johnstone Calling your name
6 Chakra Doors
7 Svenson & Glen Beachbreeze
8 Paul Van Dyk Nothing but you
9 Beam & Yanou The free fall
10 Dance Nation Words
11 Fingers Burnt Squat thrust
12 Plumet Damaged 290403


biography : DJ's & Producers : mixology : studio : top 25