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Sunrise in Paradise - The dawn of a new day

September 2002

It is early dawn on a wooded sea-shore, and not even the birds are awake. There’s just you, the sound of the sea and of the perpetual waves tumbling against the beach and the rocks, with the sighing of the breeze through the trees on the shore behind you providing a counter-melody. As the sun slowly rises, a few muted chirrupings come from the trees, and once the blood-red sun casts its line across the undulating waves, the dawn chorus bursts into full song. The early warmth of the sun against your face promises another good summer’s day, and you can almost feel the trees flex and stretch as the sun’s warmth pours life energy into the land. On this collection, these were the guiding images, the feelings I tried to create into music.

Sunrise in Paradise - CD1 - The dawn of a new day

1 Art of Trance Breathe
2 Ayla Sun is coming out
3 Catch Walk on water
4 Cygnus X Positron
5 Divine Inspiration The way
6 Redd Square In your hands
7 Saphire Red Innocent child
8 Trance Control On the other side
9 Noemi When angels kiss
10 Angel One In your eyes
11 Marco de Govia Things that matter
12 Dj Encore Show me
13 Shine Feelings
14 Malixx Echoes of Lyra

Sunrise in Paradise - CD2 - The dawn of a new day

1 Sholan Can you feel
2 Sun Decade I’m alone
3 M-Shape Cloudless sky
4 Solid Sessions Janeiro
5 Above & Beyond Far from love
6 Norlander into the sky
7 Project 101 Drifting
8 Marc Aurel Sound of loven
9 Symphony of Strings Don’t want your love
10 Andora Follow you
11 Matrixx Water on venus
12 Indiana Do you hear


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