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Quest into Ecstasy

July 2002

I was once asked which was my favorite Rob Evans Mix – and I’m sure the person asking did not know who I was. Put on the spot, I found it difficult to answer, for to me it’s something akin to asking a parent: “Which is your favorite child?.” On all my mixes, for me there are some tracks that somehow are just that tiniest bit more special, but then others that were perhaps more of a challenge… I could not at that time give an honest answer.

However, it did give me food for thought, and after mulling it over for a while, I decided that it had to be “Quest into Ecstasy”, as this album has such a build-up that lifts and flows from part I to part II, making a musical journey that flows gently and melodically to its close. This set I always enjoy listening to, and it always gives me repeated pleasure.

Quest into Ecstasy CD1

1 Intro Art of trance
2 Requiem Virtual love
3 Tokyo Ghetto Fly me to the moon
4 Kira I will be your angel
5 K4 Kiss me
6 4 Strings Diving
7 Madelyne Beautiful child
8 Oceanlab Sky falls down
9 Dj Encore High on life
10 Frank Kunne Shining Star
11 Alex Bartlett My angel
12 Magma The stars shine on you
13 Yamino Fly with me
14 Infextious Let me fly
15 The Mystery All I ever wanted

Quest into Ecstasy CD2

1 Aurelia When the night is falling
2 Nature Free your mind
3 Angels Reverse I don’t care
4 Unit 5 I love you
5 Robin Fox It’s gonna be o.k.
6 Matt Darey You shine on
7 Blue Horizon The Journey
8 Angelle Joy and pain
9 The Thrillseekers Dreaming of you
10 Velvet Girl Promise you heaven
11 Art of Trance Love washes over
12 Dj Tiesto In my memory



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