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Dreams of Euphoria

March 2003

One of those nights where true sleep will not come, and at best all you seem to be able to manage is a heavy doze. When you’re awake, you’re not completely shattered, but somehow feel that you’ve missed out on a good night’s sleep. That was the inspiration for this mix: a sort of relaxed Euphoria with the dreamy, not quite wide-awake feeling that had pursued me through the night: this was the feeling I tried to instill into this album.

Dreams of Euphoria CD1 - 28/02/03

1 Avalon Can’t live a day
2 Liquid State Falling
3 Anamorphic Dream
4 Ultrasun Love you more
5 4 Strings Let it rain
6 Angelic Stay with me
7 Nayer 1st Kiss
8 Milk Inc Ocean
9 Elissa The light
10 Kay Cee I feel you
11 Terra Skye This love
12 Dea-La Calling the angels

Dreams of Euphoria CD2 - 13/03/03

1 Quadran Eternally
2 Robin Fox Freedom
3 Sylver Turn the tide
4 Cj Stone Shining star
5 Dj Air Riding a star
6 Kluster I feel love
7 Drax & Scott Mac The sun
8 M1 Heaven sent
9 Subsola So pure
10 Sterbinszky & Majestic Move me
11 Love-x-Press Cosmic dancer
12 Kirsty Hawkshaw Fine day


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